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About Sameepam is the world's first e-paper matrimonial classified, During its initial stage, gives priority to matrimonial service.Sameepam focusses on all religions equally, helps them in all possible ways and to make sure that they do not have any complaints or discontent

What is Sameepam

Sameepam is an online shopping and online/offline service providers.Sameepam has been designed holding the concept which evolved from following the printed newspapers that bring the world to us in a unique and simple way every morning, in high regard.

Any Difference?

In short sameepam can include completely, the services that a printed newspaper or online paper provide and more to that every concept that you demand and those you are about to demand. In future people will take their life ahead and build up through online. Sameepam has started thinking in a different way foreseeing all these.

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